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Printer settings


I needed to set the following printer configuration in order for the printer to work on my network via gentoo (via cups/hplip). They proved fine for a Windows XP box too.

IP: Automatic.
Link speed: 10-Full.

If having problems make sure the wireless is off to remove it from the equation.

Gentoo setup


net-print/hplip qt4 snmp ppds scanner

qt4 required for GUI.
snmp required to detect network printers.
ppds required for drivers.
scanner required for scanner.

emerge hplip 3.9.10 or 3.12.4. Version 3.9.12-r1 has a bug whereby the duplex is printed mirrored.

Run hp-setup.

  1. Choose network printer. Note that the auto-detected settings don’t work, so…
  2. Show advanced options.
  3. Change network discovery method to SLP.
  4. Click next.
  5. It should have detected J6400 model.
  6. Add it.

Visit localhost:631 for cups config.

  1. Printers -> click on the printer name.
  2. Set Default Options.
  3. Options Installed:

    Duplexer Installed: Installed
  4. General:

    ~~~ Media Size: A4 AutoDuplex 210x297mm Double-sided Printing: Long edge (standard) Media Source: Auto-Select Output Mode: Black Only Grayscale Media Type: Automatic Print Quality: Draft ~~

If it says that the duplexer is not installed, go to “Options Installed” and set to Installed.

Cups config

Driver:	HP Officejet j6400 Series, hpcups 3.12.10a (color, 2-sided printing)
Connection:	hp:/net/Officejet_J6400_series?ip=
Defaults:	job-sheets=none, none media=om_a4-duplex_209.9x293.86mm sides=two-sided-long-edge

Windows XP (over ethernet)

This is typical Windows. Add the printer as a local printer (not a network printer!), via a TCP/IP port, using the printer’s IP address. Chooose HP Officejet (no number) from the list of drivers.

For some reason the fact that TCP/IP operates over a network wasn’t reason enough for Microsoft to call it a network printer.

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