LibreOffice calc / oocalc notes

Notes about oocalc.


If you have a condition like SUMIF, you must use double quotes. Single quotes won’t work.


If you use single quotes you’ll get a sum of 0.

Edit a cell without clicking

Hit F2 to edit a cell without having to click in it.

Source cell range from different sheet

  1. Copy the range in sheet 1.
  2. Paste Special in sheet 2, selecting the Link option.

Show rows hidden by a filter

If you apply a filter and it hides a load of cells, select all cells (i.e. selection includes cells before and after), then do Format -> Row -> Show.

Export a graph/chart

One way of exporting a spreadsheet graph or chart is to copy it into a LibreOffice drawing and export from there.

  1. Copy the chart to the clipboard.
  2. Create a new drawing. File -> New -> Drawing.
  3. Paste into the drawing.
  4. Export the drawing (as whatever format you want).

Flip a bar chart

If you have a bar chart that shows largest to smallest and you want it to show smallest to largest…

  1. Right-click the chart and select Edit.
  2. Right-click on the labels of the axis you’d like to flip and select Format Axis.
  3. On the Scale tab select ‘Reverse direction’.
  4. Click OK.


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