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Group and tab multiple windows

hold super and s to select every window that you want grouped. press super +s on each window.

This selects the windows. Then press super + g to group them all into one.

Now you can minimize and unminimize them together.

Now the cool part press super+ t and now you got the tabbed feature. Hover over your window bar up top and you will get a little menu pop up. Click on which window you want to view to see it. Cool huh..

When you want to ungroup the whole thing do super + u.

SUPER+S Select Single Window
SUPER+T Tab Group
SUPER+Left Change Left Tab
SUPER+Right Change Right Tab
SUPER+G Group Windows - hold the super button then select the windows you want to group and then hit Super+G
SUPER+U Ungroup Windows
SUPER+R Remove Group Window

Per-program opacity settings

In Opacity, Brightness and Saturation settings, you can set opacity for all windows by specifying the part of the UI that will be effected:

E.g. in ‘Window specific settings’ section, to reduce opacity to 95% for most of the UI:

DropdownMenu | Normal | Dialog | Menu | Popupmenu | Tooltip | Notification | Utility    95

To prevent particular applications getting this opacity setting, simply add a new setting and make sure it preceeds the others (in this example I’ve set the opacity of Gimp to 100 before setting the opacity of the UI):

class=Gimp    100
DropdownMenu | Normal | Dialog | Menu | Popupmenu | Tooltip | Notification | Utility    95

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