Emerge notes

Notes on the gentoo emerge command.

More notes on emerge, mainly about basic usage like installing and uninstalling packages, are in my Gentoo notes.

See what is bringing in new packages

If you run emerge with the --tree flag you will see a dependency tree, from which you can determine which packages are bringing in other packages for installation.

View emerge history

Use qlop, which is part of portage-utils package.

Portage logs

/var/log/emerge.log contains a list of packages installed/uninstalled.

Logs of each emerge are in /var/log/portage/elogs directory.

/var/log/portage/elog/ contains logs, one for each package.

/var/log/portage/elog/summary.log has a summary of the emerge.

The elogviewer program can be used to view logs via a GUI, or elogv via Curses.

Install package by downloading on different computer

If you screw up your system so you can’t download packages via emerge…

  1. Find where to download required package:

    emerge -fpv [package]
  2. Download package to /usr/portage/distfiles/.

  3. Emerge package as normal.


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