Hydra notes

Notes about Hydra, a network login cracker. This can be used to bruteforce login to a service (that you run!) for which you’ve forgotten the password.

hydra [server] [protocol] -l [username] -P [passwords file] -s [port] -S -v -V
The server e.g. pop3.example.com.
The protocol e.g. pop3, smtp, etc.
The login username e.g. me@example.com.
[passwords file]
A file that contains line-separated passwords (i.e. a passwords dictionary):
The port e.g. 110.


hydra pop3.example.com pop3 -l me@example.com -P passwords.txt -s 110 -S -v -V

Reference: Bruteforce gmail hotmail yahoo using Hydra

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