Quit Chrome with ctrl-q

Chrome on Linux (Gentoo) doesn’t quit on ctrl-q, you have to use ctrl-shift-w instead (the idea being that ctrl-w closes a single tab and ctrl-shift-w closes all of them). I think ctrl-q is not used by Chrome to prevent people hitting it accidentally when aiming for ctrl-w. I don’t do that and I don’t care if I did, so I wanted to have ctrl-q quit chrome.

I briefly considered binding ctrl-q to alt-f4, which apparently issues a quit command. It seems to work on most of my applications but since I hadn’t heard of it before today I wasn’t interested in this because I’m not entirely sure how many apps will respond to it.

Instead I bound ctrl-q to the following command:

wmctrl -c :ACTIVE:

I did this via my window manager’s keyboard shortcuts (xfwm4): Applications -> Settings -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts tab.

The wmctrl program is a command line program for interacting with the window manager. It seems to work on all programs that I use.


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