vmware-server-console hanging

If you have started vmware then try to log in via vmware-server-console and it hangs, check /var/log/messages for xinetd messages. For example:

Mar 25 22:26:34 slap xinetd[24938]: FAIL: vmware-authd address from=
Mar 25 22:26:34 slap xinetd[24255]: START: vmware-authd pid=24938 from=
Mar 25 22:26:35 slap xinetd[24255]: EXIT: vmware-authd status=0 pid=24938 duration=1(sec)

This indicates that authentication from (localhost) has failed. Edit /etc/xinetd.d/vmware-authd and add the following to the end of the "service vmware-authd" block:

only_from       =

Restart xinetd and vmware then try again. Good luck!

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