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  • ASIMO Honda's impressive humanoid robot. By the way, it can run now.
  • ALLROBOTS.com A site about personal robots. It has a database of robots, and a blog.
  • Artificial Life : Ariel Dolan's Floys Flocking behaviour. No matter how many times I see these things I stil find them fascinating.
  • OpenAI Open source AI tools. It looks like they have a promising neural network IDE, amongst others.
  • Thinking Machine 4 A chess game, where the program's evolving thought process visible on the board before you.
  • Alife Guide Good introduction to various a-life systems.
  • AI Repositories and Resource Lists From CMU.
  • Marvin Minsky Home Page Distinguished AI professor.
  • Welcome to Mind and Machine Module A very good introduction to the brain and neural networks.
  • Notebooks Interesting and informing writings by Cosma, many of which cover various AI techniques.
  • Singularity Institute Nonprofit institute dedicated to creating the "Singularity" - the point where we create an artificial intelligence greater than our own.
  • KurzweilAI.Net In this case the AI stands for "Accelerating Intelligence". You really ought to read What is KurzweilAI.Net?.
  • aboutAI.net Links to AI resources on the web.
  • Ai Research International project based in Israel, "Founded to create true artificial intelligence - making it possible for humans and computers to speak to each other in everyday language".
  • Kismet Home of Kismet, a robot with facial expressions (and pretty ugly to boot!).
  • Serious LEGO Some guy's REALLY complicated lego robots.
  • Arimaa A simple game that can be played on a chess board but which computers will find extremely difficult to compete at against humans.
  • Eliza The famous natural language "Eliza" program. Annoying but never the less groundbreaking.
  • AI Dictionary Also has links to Machine Learning, Prolog, and Natural Languge Processing dictionaries.
  • UMCS AI research University of Manchester (Computer Science) AI research. Covers a wide range of AI research areas.
  • MIT's AI lab. Focus on vision, robotics and language. Have a good publications database.
  • CMU repository Carnegie Mellon's extensive AI repository. You'll find everything - software, data, etc.
  • Cognitive Systems Cognitive Systems at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Has sections for the various types of AI.
  • AAAI The American Association for Artificial Intelligence.
  • OFAI Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Institute for Information Technology AI resources. Links to EVERYTHING - news, companies, FAQs, journals, conferences...
  • ai.about.com Was a link to the AI section of the About.com website. Seems to have turned into a psychology section!
  • Linux AI A Linux Artificial Intelligence/Life how-to.
  • CALResCo The Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept. The site has introductions and resources for various AI areas.
  • GameAI A site about AI in games. Also has links to general info. about the AI techniques used in games (A-life, GAs, etc).
  • Gameware Development Home site of the makers of the Creatures game (a game which uses innovative AI to achieve life-like behaviours).
  • MATLAB users guide MATLAB (MATrix LABoratory) is a very popular tool used a great deal for AI simulation.
  • AI-Depot Links to lots of interesting articles. Mainly NNs and GAs.
  • AI pool This can't be serious! I like it for the sheer size of the task they're attempting. "Its goal is to create an open source platform for digitizing/uploading the human mind and/or brain to achieve digital immortality."
  • Software Agents: Web Resources

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  • NN using GA Evolving Neural Networks Using a Genetic Algorithm.
  • Singapore Gateway Genetic Algorithms and Genetically Evolved Neural Networks.

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