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These are my old links. I now keep them with pinboard (see my pinboard bookmarks) and archive them on this site (see the Links page).


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  • Financial Ombudsman "...a free, independent service for resolving disputes with financial firms". In other words, go here if you've been ripped off by a company. I believe it's a UK service.
  • BugMeNot.com Temporary logins for a number of web sites.
  • Creative Commons A non-profit organisation who provide a voluntary "some rights reserved" copyright. Everything is clearly explained and they've a good interface to put together your copyright doc.
  • Quick Address Pro on-line demo Find complete information about an address (street name, number and postcode) given partial details.
  • Tutorial Find Search for tutorials.
  • Free Translation A web service that provides translation to and from various European languages.
  • Amnesi Domain name search (with wildcards).
  • UK Mirror Service Mirrors over 150 web and ftp sites of interest to academia.
  • Ad. Mart Classifieds
  • One Accross Search for crossword puzzle answers.
  • Grammar Traps Common mistakes with English grammer, e.g. Its vs. It's.
  • MERLOT Home Page Online learning materials and peer reviews. Comprehensive resource.
  • The Plastinated Brain Explore slices through a plastinated brain.
  • dict.org Search a range of dictionarys using a range of algorithms. Comprehensive results thanks to the broad selection of dictionarys.
  • Mixed-Drink.Com Search for drinks.
  • Information Please Search for general info. Not so good on techy searches. This is an American site so I'm not sure how worldly the info'll be.
  • eLibrary Search leading newspapers, magazines, transcripts, journals, etc. This returned good results for techy searches (such as "Neural Networks").
  • Search-22 Search for keywords using one of the general reference resources.
  • OneLook A multi-dictionary word search, with wildcards.
  • Urban Dictionary
  • Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Encyclopedia
  • yourDictionary.com Links to LOTS of foreign language dictionaries online.
  • Free Translation A web service that provides translation to and from various European languages.
  • Freelang.net Online dictionaries, automatic translation and search forms.
  • Acronym Finder Find out what those acronyms and abbreviations stand for.
  • 20000 names Lists of names (of different cultural backgrounds) and their meanings.
  • BT search Search for residential and business numbers in Britain with British Telecom.
  • Yellow Pages Search for businesses (probably better for UK businesses but do US one too).
  • Buzz Search for US businesses.
  • uni. map A map (with links) of the universities in Britain.
  • UnitsConverter.net - Convert Common Engineering Units in One Click A number of unit converters on a single page.
  • Interactive Units Converter An index of converters for pretty much everything.
  • currency conversion
  • Radio Times What's on radio and TV in the UK, with reviews, etc...
  • UK TV Guide Brief (but extensive) TV listings for every UK channel.
  • Time and date ...for all countries.
  • World time Gives the current time in any location in the world, as well as plenty of other information.

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