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These are my old links. I now keep them with pinboard (see my pinboard bookmarks) and archive them on this site (see the Links page).

A number of these links are to sites which I've discovered fairly randomly and simply took a shine to, particularly the art and photography ones.


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  • Invisibilia – A gallery of pictures of where people in the photos have been digitally removed and replaced with drawings. Great effect. There's a tutorial too.
  • Drummer World – Information and videos about most famous drummers.
  • Etched In Time – Etch-A-Sketch art.
  • Spherical Perspective - a brief tutorial – Description of how human perspective works.
  • – Inspired.
  • Levitated – A showcase of work by Levitated Design & Code, they have some beautiful work involving emergent behaviour.
  • James Jean – Artist. Also see his blog at Process Recess.
  • ARTNATOMY – Interactive tool for exploring the facial muscles and their effect on expression. Click on the application link, choose the naturalistic model, select a muscle group and use the actions tab to see motion.

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  • doodleBug – Sketches (aka doodles), animated to show how they have been built up.
  • Biro Art – Playful biro sketches.
  • 3 Years 3 Minutes – A quick-fire animation of photos taken over, presumably. 3 years 3 minutes worth of a person's life.
  • The Broth – A multiplayer, real time internet application that connects people around the world to interact in a shared global mosaic.
  • Misha Gordin – Conceptual photography. Black and white, atomospheric, unusual photos, mostly with human subjects.
  • Olivo Barbieri's aerial photographs – Aerial photographs by Olivo Barbieri's, which have an odd model-like quality despite the fact they're real.
  • deviantART – A community of graphic artists.

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  • Music Map – Input the name of an artist and it will dynamically map out other artists that are similar according to what previous users have informed the system via gnoosic. I input Tricky as a test an the results
  • Pandora Internet Radio – "Social music". compares music by using a computational algorithm to compare music to help you find new music that's likely to match your tastes.
  • – "Social music". compares music by looking at the usage of their user population to help you find new music that's likely to match your tastes.
  • Bjork – Home page of the wonderfully talented Bjork - a singer, songwriter, actor extraordinaire.
  • – Home of Japanese beatbox artist who gained cult status with his acapella remakes of well-known songs. He's since worked with Bjork on Medulla.

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