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Some links that could prove useful when researching into a trip to Africa, specifically Tanzania and Uganda.


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Tour Operators

Note: Bear in mind I can’t recommend any of these tour operators because I haven’t used any of them! They’re here for my future reference only.

  • Shah Tours - Machame Route - Details of the Machame route up mount Kilimajaro from Shah Tours. Recommended by some friends of mine.
  • Kearsley Travel & Tours - Overview of mount Kilimanjaro by Kearsley Travel & Tours, including routes.
  • Roy Safaris - A travel operator offering Kilimajaro routes and safaris. This is the operator that my sister used when she went on a Serengeti safari.
  • Akaro Tours - Kilimanjaro treks and safaris etc by Akaro Tours. Recommended by a friend of my sisters.
  • Tanzania Association Of Tour Operators - Tanzania Association Of Tour Operators

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