Nokia N82

To change button shortcuts

Tools -> Settings -> General -> Personalisation -> Standby mode -> Shortcuts.

To update voicemail number

I hit a problem whereby every time I accessed voicemail / answerphone I’d receive the following message before being given the voicemail options (roughly paraphrased - it’s written from memory so not accurate):

A voicemail access number has been sent to your phone. Please switch the device off and on again. In future you can access the voicemail by pressing the voicemail key or using the number in your contacts.

To remove this message I had to set the voicemail number in the phone.

  1. Phone customer service and ask them to reset voicemail.
  2. You should receive a text message with the voicemail number. Make a note of it.
  3. Go to Tools -> Utilities -> Call mailbox.
  4. Highlight ‘Voice mailbox’ and select ‘Change number’ from the options. I chose to store the number on the SIM card.
  5. Set the number to the one received via text message.

Now every time you hold 1 for voicemail it should go straight to the voicemail options without giving you the message about the access number.

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