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I'm still in the process of tagging pages that were migrated from the old site, so for now you're best off using the search engine rather than relying on the tags.

  • Compiz notes - Group and tab multiple windows hold super and s to select every window that you want grouped. press super +s on each window. This selects the windows. Then press super + g to group them all into one. Now you can minimize and unminimize them together...
  • Changing window manager from Compiz to Xfce XFWM - Compiz will no longer be maintained in gentoo portage, so I’ve had to move to XFWM, the window manager from Xfce. In a way this is a natural progression for me because I’ve been using the rest of Xfce for some time. However, XFWM doesn’t do many things...

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