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I'm still in the process of tagging pages that were migrated from the old site, so for now you're best off using the search engine rather than relying on the tags.

  • How to archive and encrypt a directory with a password - To tar and compress a directory, then encrypt it with the AES algorithm: tar -czf - [directory] | gpg -c --cipher-algo AES -o [directory].tgz.gpg You will be prompted to input a password. To decrypt, decompress and untar: gpg -d [directory].tgz....
  • How to encrypt a file with a password - Encrypt. This will add an encrypted file called [filename].gpg. gpg --cipher-algo AES -c [filename] Decrypt. This will create the decrypted file called [filename]. gpg -o [filename] -d [filename].gpg

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