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I'm still in the process of tagging pages that were migrated from the old site, so for now you're best off using the search engine rather than relying on the tags.

  • mdadm has been started with 1 drive out of 2 - One of my backup procedures involves mounting a RAID1 array built from two external drives. Today I ran the backup script and it failed to create the array properly - mdadm was refusing to start the array with all disks (in the following examples bpc ~...
  • mdadm notes - Notes on mdadm. Useful commands Get basic info on RAID status: cat /proc/mdstat Read config: cat /etc/mdadm.conf Get detailed info, e.g. for /dev/md1 array: mdadm --detail /dev/md1 Assemble an array To assemble /dev/md1 array from disk p...

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