To convert a lyx file to rtf format, do the following. When converted, you can of course open it in programs like Micro$oft Word or Sun's OpenOffice.

  1. Export as latex, so you have a document called [filename].tex.
  2. Create a .aux file with latex [filename]. Note that you drop the .tex extension.
  3. Create the rtf file with latex2rtf [filename]
  4. Try to open the resulting rtf file.
  5. If there is a problem opening file, figure out what latex2rtf doesn't like. e.g. lyx tables. Remove them using lyx to create a new document.
  6. Return to step 1 and start again.


If you are using a biliography, you'll want to run the document through bibtex as well.

If you need to convert to OpenOffice odf format, you could try LyX2OpenOffice (, but it didn't work for me.

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