Notes about Xfce Desktop Environment 4.

Default applications

Settings -> Preferred Applications

To blank out e.g. the Web Browser dropdown, edit ~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc and remove the ‘WebBrowser=’ line.

Location of backgrounds


You can create this as a link to whichever directory you keep your backgrounds in.

Location of trash directory


Users unable to shutdown

Use sudo to grant them the rights to do so:

theuser ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/lib64/xfce4/session/xfsm-shutdown-helper

The menu entries seem to be generated from the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications/.

My xfce4 setup

So xfce4 resets things occasionally after update. I do have a backup of the config folder (at ~/.config/xfce4) but sometimes I prefer to recreate everything from scratch so that old settings aren’t hanging around.

  1. Delete ~/.config/xfce4 and ~/.config/xfce4-session.
  2. Restart computer and log in.
  3. Choose ‘Default settings’ when xfce asks.
  4. Right click on desktop -> Applications -> Settings -> Settings Manager.
    1. ‘Panel’ section.
      1. Select ‘Panel 2’ (which is the little app panel at the bottom of the screen):
      2. Hit the minus - button to delete it.
      3. Select ‘Panel 1’ (which is the full width panel at the top of the screen):
      4. Select ‘Span monitors’.
      5. Deselect ‘Lock panel’, grab the right-hand side of the panel with the mouse and drag it to the bottom, then re-select ‘Lock panel’.
    2. ‘Worspaces’ section.
      1. Increase number of workspaces to 6.
    3. ‘Desktop’ section.
      1. Drag the window to monitor 0 (so that we’re editing settings for monitor 0).
      2. Select ‘Other…’ from the Folder dropdown, browse to the folder containing wide backgrounds and choose it.
      3. Style: Spanning screens.
      4. Color: Transparent.
      5. Change the background in minutes: 60.
      6. Select ‘Random order’.
    4. ‘Window Manager’ section.
      1. ‘Style’ tab.
        1. Select ‘Daloa’ theme.
      2. ‘Keyboard’ tab.
        1. Double click and edit, or add, the following:
          1. Action: Maximise window. Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+M.
          2. Action: Shade window. Shortcut: Ctrl-Alt-S.
          3. Action: Fill window. Shortcut: Ctrl-Alt-A.
          4. Action: Move windwos to left workspace: Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Left.
          5. Action: Move windwos to right workspace: Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Right.
          6. Action: Workspace 1. Shortcut: Alt+1.
          7. Action: Workspace 2. Shortcut: Alt+2.
          8. Etc with all 6 worspaces.
    5. ‘Keyboard’ section.
      1. ‘Application Shortcuts’ tab.
      2. Add the following:
        1. Command: xfce4-terminal. Shortcut: Super+A.
        2. Command: google-chrome –profile-directory=”Default”. Shortcut: Super-C.
        3. Command: thunderbird-bin –no-remote -P default. Shortcut: Super-H.
        4. Command: thunar. Shortcut: Super-T.
        5. Command: xfce4-mixer. Shortcut: Super-V.
        6. Command: amixer -D pulse set Master 1+ toggle. Shortcut: Super-M
    6. ‘Window Manager Tweaks’ secion.
      1. ‘Placement’ tab.
        1. Slide the ‘Minimum size of windows to trigger smart placement’ all the way to the left towards ‘Small’.
    7. ‘Appearance’ section.
      1. ‘Style’ tab, chose ‘Xfce’ style.
  5. Right click on the panel’s ‘Workspace switcher’, select ‘Move’ and drag it to the left next to ‘Applications’.
  6. Right click on the panel’s ‘Clock’, select ‘Move’ and drag it to the right next to the ‘Action buttons’.
  7. Right click on the panel’s ‘Clock’, select a ‘Custom Format’ and input ‘%d/%m/%Y %R’. This will show date and time.
  8. Open xfce4-terminal. Right click -> Preferences…
    1. ‘Appearance’ tab.
      1. Deselect ‘Allow bold text’.
      2. Default geometry: 78 columns, 33 rows. (This allows me to fit 3x2 terminals on my screen)
    2. ‘Colors’ tab.
      1. Set ‘Presets’ to ‘Tango’.
      2. Click on each colour that isn’t easy to see and half its saturation.

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