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These are my old links. I now keep them with pinboard (see my pinboard bookmarks) and archive them on this site (see the Links page).

A number of these links are to sites which I've discovered fairly randomly and simply took a shine to, particularly the art and photography ones.


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  • www.director-file.com Information about a couple of brilliant music video directors, namely Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry.
  • Deepstreets.com Street art, drun and bass, and hip hop from this collective.
  • After You Funny animation about politeness.
  • WebCollage A collage generated from random image searches on the web.
  • 120seconds.com A Canadian web site attempting to create a community for new media types. Lots of great work to be found.
  • Flight 404 "Experimentation with processing" Beautiful visualisations presented using a slick, original interface.
  • Eros ex Mathematica Images with erotic connotations generated entirely from mathematical algorithms.
  • A softer world Weekly comic.
  • Design Observer Michael McDonough\u2019s Top Ten Things They Never Taught Me in Design School
  • Windows Noises Soundtrack made with Window's Sound Recorder.
  • Gallery of Computation Beautiful visualisations.
  • Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau Interactive art.
  • Groth's Mathematical Art Fractal and mathematical art.
  • Fractal Gallery Very smooth fractal curves.
  • longneck.ro 3d animation and visual effects. Original site with great artwork.
  • Computer Arts Magazine Great resource for those interested in producing art on a computer.
  • Transphormetic Iterative Flash art.
  • Rustboy Films by Brian Taylor.
  • Blue Man Group Odd group of 3 blue performers. I only know of them because they've done some great commercials (unless their ideas were ripped off by some ad man. Quite possible given the nature of advertising).
  • American Gallery of Psychiatric Art A gallery of posters for various psychiatric issues.
  • art.com Buy prints and posters.
  • GPS Drawing Drawing with a Global Positioning System (by walking around and recording your path).
  • AudioRom Quality site. Look at "box" for some interactive artsy-fartsy stuff.
  • Scannerdot I saw a gig by Scanner once - could be the same guy. This is bizarre, and I like it!
  • DeadDreamer Very impressive site and work. Nice graphics. Has links to other cool (graphics oriented) sites too.

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  • Drummerworld The definitive drumming site. It has information and media on all famous drummers, for example, the legendary Buddy Rich. If you want to be really impressed, check out the videos.
  • Babyhead Cool Ska band. Their latest album The Geek Show is thoroughly recommended.
  • vanillamix "Eclectic blend of Nu Jazz, Broken Beats, downtempo to Soul, Afrolatin, Brazilian, jazz to quality deep house and Drum & Bass"
  • FinalScratch A solution that allows mixing of digital music (as well as vinyl).
  • World of Trip Hop
  • Ninjatune Record label.
  • Leftfield
  • Advanced Vinyl Handling, DJ Basics An introduction to DJ'ing and mixing. I haven't even tried, but this looks like a useful resource for future reference (when I'm rich enough to afford all the toys I want).
  • Kaada Don't really know anything about this artist other than that I like his single "That's life o-oh" (played on the web site).
  • Portishead
  • Computer Music Magazine Great resource for those interested in producing music on a computer.
  • LyricFind.com Search for songs using their lyrics.
  • Sziget Festival Great festival in Budapest.
  • B-Boys.com Hip hop music & culture.
  • townb.com Underground internet radio.
  • Jurassic 5 Home of hip hoppers J5.
  • Four Tet A band created by an old school mate (more an acquaintance) Kieran Hebden. He's got brilliant reviews, all of which I agree with.
  • Bjork
  • Ticket Line (Picadilly Box Office) Tickets for gigs in the UK. Their number is 0161 832 1111 (I'm damned if I can find it on their web site!)
  • Manchester Uni. Union A list of gigs in Manchester.
  • Picadilly Records Home site of a good (but expensive) record store in Manchester. Also sell tickets for the Roadhouse and other smaller venues.
  • Klubfever Club (sorry, Klub) reviews. My mate Stu is a UK reporter.
  • Napster The notorious Napster.com. Share your music collection with the world.
  • Koneisto A Finnish music festival.
  • Radio Locator Find a web-radio station. Formerly the MIT list of radio stations on the internet.
  • Radio Tuner Radio station finder. AM, FM and online.
  • Shoutcast Online streaming radio stations. Remember to choose connection speed (from the choices on the right).

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  • Beatallica Beatles tunes, done Metallica style.
  • AudioFind Search newsgroups for MP3s.
  • Altavista Audio Search Search for most audio formats.
  • FTP devil Search FTP sites.
  • Epitonic "Your source for cutting edge music". They have good samples of music that is often hard to find.
  • mp3raid.com Quite a large collection as it has links to the files on other sites. LOADS of pop-ups though, so if they annoy you stay away.
  • My Besh.com Bit of a bad/small collection, but has a number of download formats. (However, Dr. Dre's "Forgot about Dre" was a promo). Again, LOTS of pop-ups.

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  • The Film Works Cinema in Manchester. They show a huge range of films, good original ones as well as tat.
  • Tribal Gathering At Sankey's Soap.
  • XS Malarkey A brilliant comedy night at Bar XS in Fallowfield (Manchester). It starts with an open-mike section for new talent and finishes with experienced acts. It is how comedy should be.
  • Band On The Wall A bar/club in Manchester. Good for gigs.
  • Contact Theatre Included mainly because it was the home of my local. I've also seen some reasonably good plays there (although many are for a teenage audience).
  • Cornerhouse A cinema/gallery/bar/cafe in Manchester. They play really good films and I've seen some good exhibitions too.

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