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These are my old links. I now keep them with pinboard (see my pinboard bookmarks) and archive them on this site (see the Links page).


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  • Gyro Ball Navigate a ball around a 3D surface, under the influence of gravity.
  • The Flash Mind Reader I love these things. The illusion of intelligence, or in this case, psychic ability.
  • ZoomQuilt Brilliant animation thingy where you can zoom through a weird world. You'll just have to try it to see what I'm talking about.
  • PukiGame Shoot the cute things (because they're not so cute when they launch themselves at you!). Despite the slow start this gets hard quickly. One of the reasons I like it is because of its fairly unique design.
  • Eliminator Remake of a puzzle game called IQ-Puzzle. The objective is to remove all balls of the same color. You've only got a set number of moves and it's suprisingly difficult.
  • DHTML Lemmings Online remake of the classic Lemmings game.
  • Beanies A lemmings-like game.
  • Poke the Penguin I love these little pointless things.
  • Dodge Avoid the blocks.
  • Hammered Suprisingly fun game where you hammer nails into the wall.
  • Twins Link the dots.
  • Ant City Burn the little people.
  • Seperate the dots
  • Turtle Ride Ride the current with the turtle from Finding Nemo.
  • Parking: Battle of the Sexes Parking game.
  • Drift - dancer without a body Computationally clever and interesting interactive animation of dancing balls that interact to represent a figure.
  • :HUB.lo: Quirky robot platform game.
  • attack of the killer broccoli Eh? Why?
  • Eskiv Nice game where you track a target avoiding balls. Try Eskiv 2 for a harder mode.
  • :: strip that girl v3 :: Shoot clothes off a cartoon woman. Great (how the hell do you portray sarcasm in text?).
  • Biniki Bounce Silly game.
  • Splinter Cell Online Flash stealth game.
  • Swinger A unique but slightly boring game. The link's here for interest's sake, not because I'd recommend playing it.
  • Mad santa claus
  • Odd interactive game/adventure
  • Yeti Sports The infamous yeti games.
  • I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives Generate a kung-fu film trailer.
  • 8up Great simple game of attention, I suppose.
  • Which-Way In my opinion simply the best adventure game ever.
  • EYEMAZE Home of the wonderfully odd Grow game.
  • Fly Great simple interactive thingy where you fly a 'paper' aeroplane to make swirly patterns.
  • Stare Down Sally Can you out-stare sally? I love the fact someone could be bothered to make this.
  • Moebius Syndrome Puzzle game where you create loops to free up space. Very addictive.
  • Nun Gunner The nuns are invading. Stop them before it's too late.
  • Stripperella Platform game with a stripper (not as interesting as it sounds!).
  • Penguin baseball Addictive, like so many of these things. How can something so basic be so much fun? Am I simple?
  • Penguin baseball v2 A hacked version of penguin baseball that allows you to hit the poor creature much further.
  • Miniclip.com Large variety of Flash and Java games.
  • Shuffle the Penguin A penguin curling game.
  • 12 Pixel Heroes Flash game where you have to guess the superhero based on the colours in a grid of very few (large) pixels.
  • Chasm Interactive adventure game.
  • brackeen.com Great little Java games.
  • monkey maze game Help the monkey across the shark-infested water by building a maze.
  • Vampires! Simple but addictive adventure game.
  • Qenso (or whatever the hell it's called). An online version of the popular memory game.
  • RudePlay Flash games. Including Monkey Diving and Cat-a-Pult. Don't play these if you don't like animal blood.
  • Arcade Arena Arcade games written in Flash.
  • The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia Great games that link movie stars by their co-stars. See the Star Links game to link any two stars.
  • The ESP Game Play with an anonymous user to see if you can associate the same words with images.
  • poke-a-sheep Stupid game. And for those with a debatable imagination (such as myself I guess), it's nothing like that.
  • Differences Spot the difference games.
  • Candystand.com Flash games.
  • Mr and Mrs Wheatley Lots of great animated gifs, games, various other junk. I like the chaotic front page.
  • Orisinal Very well designed site with cute flash games, effects and experiments.
  • The Reference Table of Fun All kinds of stuff to waste your time with. Games, jokes, videos, etc...
  • Spiky Thing Flash games and cartoons. Has a really nice menu. I like the classic Marble Mayhem game (Chasm and Bug Hunt are good too).
  • Really Fun Arcade Flash games.
  • 2FlashGames More flash games.
  • Meowmory Card memory game with kittens. Ahhh.
  • Coffee Break Arcade Lots of online games (in a variety of formats).
  • New Grounds Cool flash games, including Sonic the Pervert where you have to help Sonic (the hedgehog) get laid with the characters he shared the (original) game with.
  • zefrank.com All kinds of weird funny things. Videos, toys, games. Just lots of displacement activities.
  • guimp "The world's smallest website". Has some cool little classic games.
  • Vector Park Odd flash "games" to explore.
  • Liquid Generation Flash animation, games, quizzes etc..
  • FlashRadium games Lots of really good Flash games. Slow loading though.
  • FHM 100 Greatest Games Some brilliant flash games.
  • Puretone Stuck in a Groove Racing Flash Scalectrix game.
  • David Blaine Assassination Game Assasinate David Blaine as he attempts his pointless Tower-Bridge-in-a-glass-box-for-44-days stunt.
  • Romp Check out the "Napster Bad Money Good" animation, and the "Rehab This, Charlton Heston" game.

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