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Notes about Google Chrome.

Disable swipe reload

Chrome will now refresh the page if you drag your finger down the screen, which I find annoying because it does it when I try to wipe of a smudge! To disable the so-called “pull to refresh” do the following:

  1. Open chrome://flags.
  2. Enable ‘Disable the pull-to-refresh effect’.

Reference: Disabling android’s chrome pull-down-to-refresh feature

Restoring tabs

To restore the last closed tab:


If you keep pressing this it will continue opening previous tabs, even restoring windows.

Or go to Recent Tabs and you’ll see a list of closed tabs.

Restore window

To restore a closed window, either do ctrl-shift-t to open previously closed tabs until the window appears, or go to Recent Tabs (or History -> Recently Closed) and you’ll see ‘X Tabs’ listed for each window closed, where X is the number of tabs in the window.

Load extension from file system

See the Load extension from file system of my notes on Chrome extensions.

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