How to create a LibreOffice chart with two axes

In LibreOffice 3.5.

  1. Create your chart as normal. I’ll assume you’ve created some kind of line graph.
  2. Right-click on the chart and select Edit.
  3. Right-click and Insert/Delete Axis.
  4. Select a secondary Y axis. Now you’ll have two Y axes but they’ll both use the same scale.
  5. Right-click the data series i.e. the line/plot of whichever plot you’d like to use for the new Y axis. If it’s obscured and you can’t click it, then right-click any other part of the graph, left-click to remove the menu, then tab through the elements of the chart until you get to the data series.
  6. Select Format Data Series.
  7. In the Options tab align the data series to the secondary Y axis.
  8. Your new Y axis should now have its scale changed to be appropriate for the data series it’s aligned with.

Reference: [Solved] In Chart need different left and right Y axis

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